Sanibelbreeze A-Wurf geb. 19.4.2010




Sanibelbreeze Artane *Tane*

HD·ED·PL: AA/00, Patella frei, Übergangswirbel: 0

Augen: HC/PRA/RD frei, Goniodysplasie frei

Farbcode: Bb/Ee


Wesenstest bestanden, Zuchtbewilligung erhalten am: 5.10.2011

Anerkannter Therapiehund (Therapiehunde Schweiz)

Sanibelbreeze Ayers Rock *Sunny*

HD·ED·PL: AA/00, Patella frei

Augen: HC/PRA/RD frei, Goniodysplasie frei

Farbe: bb/E









  • Ausstellungen:

Avenches, 11.9.2010, vielversprechend 2

Avenches, 25.9.2011, Jugendklasse, vorzüglich 4

Weihnachtsausstellung, Olten, 11.12.11, Zwischenklasse, SG

Pleasing head, good eye shape and coulor, would prefer a better length of upperarm, level topline, adequate stifle, moved okay but carring his tail very high, Richterin: L. Strudwyck, England


Expo La Romandie, Avenches, 25.9.2011, Jugendklasse V4

Lovely type and size, elegant masculin head with nice proportions, excellent topline, well angulated in front and at rear, still needs more forechest with time body for his age, moves well from the side, will stabilise his front movement when mature, very good coat quality, condition and presentation

Richterin: Lena Hägglund, Schweden



L'Expo des 3 Lacs, Avenches, 11.9.2010, Puppyklasse, vv2


Very promissing puppy, masculine head, good reach of neck and good topline, could be more angulated in front, well bodied, good bone and feet, excellent movement, all over a promissing dog

Sanibelbreeze Absinthe La Fée Verte *Fée*

HD·ED·PL: AA/00 Patella frei, Übergangswirbel 0

Augen: HC/PRA/RD frei, Goniodysplasie frei

Farbgencode: Bb/Ee




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Wesenstest bestanden, Zuchtbewilligung erhalten am 5.10.2011

Sanibelbreeze A Twist of Wonder *Flynn*

HD·ED·PL: AA/00, Patella frei, OCD links

Augen: HC/PRA/RD frei, Goniodysplasie frei

Farbe: bb/EE